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1.69 FAQ-194 How do I create a double Y axis graph?

Last Update: 2/3/2016

From the worksheet, select both Y datasets for plotting, then choose Plot: Multi-Y: Double-Y, or select the Double Y Axis plot button from the 2D Graphs toolbar.

If a graph is already created with the first Y axis, then choose Graph: New Layer (Axes) and choose a Right Y axis. Another layer (with second Y axis) is now added to the graph window.

To add data to a graph layer, there are three methods:

  1. Go to the worksheet window, select the second dataset, return to the graph window, and choose Graph: Add Plot to Layer: Plot Type.
  2. Alternatively, data can be selected and dragged from the worksheet and dropped to the graph layer.
  3. Alternatively, you can double-click on either the layer 1 or layer 2 layer icon in the upper-left hand corner of the graph. The Layer Contents dialog will allow you to add or remove data.

You can quickly create an XYXY graph from the Double-Y graph template. See the Notes section of Double Y Axis Graph.

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