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1.33 FAQ-149 How to insert greek symbols and subscript in plot legend and axis titles from worksheet headers?

Last Update: 2/25/2015

The Axis Title and Legend in graphs are special text labels, which are automatically created using the contents of the Long Name/Units/Comments header rows in the worksheet with Escape Sequences. Even though you can Insert greek symbols directly in these graph labels, we recommend doing this in the worksheet column labels.

  • You can add subscript or superscript in worksheet column labels directly with Escape Sequences.
    The shortcoming here is that no subscript or superscript will show in a worksheet.
    E.g. in \+(o) will make o as superscript.
    Superscript longname.png
    The Axis Title and Legend in Graph show superscript fine.
    Superscript legend.png

  • To insert a greek symbol, subscript and superscript in worksheet column labels and also see it correctly in worksheet, you need to first enable Rich Text mode.

    There are two ways to enable rich text, you can refer to this page to learn the details.

    If the worksheet header row has already been set as Rich Text, you can double-click in a cell to go into Rich Text edit mode. You can then add greek symbols using the Symbol Map (Ctrl+M); and add subscript/superscript using the Format toolbar directly.

    You can save the format information as a template for future use. To save this customization so that every new workbook you create will have these settings, you can select File:Save Template As. Click OK in the dialog that opens. Click OK in the next dialog that opens.

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