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Generate maps in Origin from Shapefile data.

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This app draws 2D objects from ESRI Shapefiles. Optionally, this data can be saved into a worksheet. These 2D objects include-

  1. points, which usually represent site locations;
  2. lines, which usually represent rivers, roads, and utilities;
  3. polygons, which usually represent geographic and political boundaries.

Points are generated as a regular scatter plot, while line shapes and polygons are rendered as graph objects. It's possible to select and modify the line and fill properties of each shape provided that the partial modification option is turned on while importing this data. We recommend turning off the partial modification option when there are too many features, as these may slow down the process depending on your machine's performance.

Download the file Import Shapefile.opx, and then drap-and-drop it onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.

NOTE: This tool requires Origin version 2016SR1 or later. If you have Origin2016Sr0, please select Help: Check for Updates from Origin menu to first update Origin.


  1. Click the Import Shapefile icon and select a shapefile (*.shp) to open.
  2. Change display options as necessary. Click the Preview button or enable Auto Preview to check the result.
  3. Click OK button to create a map.

Shapefile Resources

  1. DIVA-GIS. Global data as well as Shapefiles covering many countries.
  2. OpenStreetMap. A wiki-based resource for geospatial data.
  3. US Census Bureau Data.
  4. The National Map Small-Scale Collection. USGS geospatial data for specific regions in the United States.
  5. Nation Weather Service - AWIPS Shapefile Database. Shapefiles from NOAA's Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System.


  1. Shapes in a 2D graph
  2. Shapes in a 3D graph


v 1.1: Load information from PRJ and DBF when available.

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02/17/2017rodriguesfhsUnable to use on Origin 9.1, any alternative?